Friday, 21 September 2007

Rumours Rife at September Club Night

The September Club Night opened amidst widespread rumours that Vintage Sixties Live were about to move to another venue and also that a cover charge was to be introduced.Both of these fabrications were quickly and firmly refuted by Big Jim, who we were delighted to welcome back as compere for the evening.

Organisers, the Two Alans, paid tribute to the Management and Staff of Tudhoe Victory Club, who have, along with the many performers and musicians over the last 15 months , done everything in their power to make Vintage Sixties Live the success it is. They assured everyone that there are no plans to move anywhere.They also confirmed that the club nights would remain free of charge, although due to Health and Safety requirements at the Club, it was necessary to strictly enforce a "first come - first served" policy for the audience meaning possible disappointment for late-comers.

As usual guests and supporters had travelled from a wide area including this month - Dunfermline, Yarm and Richmond.The formalities over with, the evening proper got under way with a couple of gags from Jim, which had them rolling in the aisles, followed by three hours of non-stop entertainment encompassing everything from instrumentals to harmony vocals, and even featuring Kenny "the Legend" Potts' new voice box which he used on his version of the Peter Frampton hit "Show me the Way" and had to heard to be believed. It is a guitar processor which has a tube attached enabling you to control the guitar's sound with your mouth."Isn't it amazing?" gushed Our Paula, "If you put that tube-shaped thing in your mouth and blow down it whilst Kenny is playing the guitar, you can make sweet, sweet music.""Errr .... right, Paula"

Alan Leightell proudly showed off his new red guitar watched by Alan Brason himself - the amazingly talented local luthier (guitar maker to the uninitiated) who made it.On the subject of instrumentals, the lead and bass guitarists of the Shadowcasters, a well-known Shadows tribute band from Tyneside , delivered a couple of impeccable instrumentals supplemented by some of our regular musicians.

Colin Ibbertson and the guys even performed the little heard but excellent Dakotas instrumental the Cruel Sea for us.

Colin also brought along Emma and Joanne again. They were wrongly reported on here last month as sisters - which I got told off for. Neither are they Colin's daughters which I also got told off for. To confuse the situation even further this month they brought Alice along - who is not their sister either.Anyway, supported by Colin, Mark, AlanL and Brian Luke the three of them performed a short set including Aretha Franklin's "Think" and I'll tell you what we think Girls - we think you should come back soon.

More to come ....