Friday, 21 September 2007

August 2007 Club Night

Well. We did not really know what to expect as we prepared for this month's club night.We were in the height of the holiday season, the weather was absolutely beautiful and we knew in advance that several of our regulars would be replacing their love of Sixties Music with a more than healthy indulgence in at least one of the other famous S's - Sun, Sand and Sanatogen!I was still out of action with a bad back so we were delighted when Big Jim kindly offered to MC again. Thanks a lot Jim - it is really appreciated.

In the event we need not have worried as it proved to be an evening of treats and surprises for the near capacity audience.Have you ever noticed how most of the best female vocal group names start with an S - the Scissor Sisters, the Spice Girls and Sister Sledge - well we had the angelic Spenny Sisters, Paula and Annie, appearing together for the first time since being asked to leave the convent.And there was more. We also had Emma and Joanne, brought along by old mate and regular performer Colin Ibbertson, together with Brian Luke on drums. The two girls weren't even born in the Sixties but they seemed very happy to sing our songs and become a welcome addition to our ever increasing array of young talent on display.

Not content with introducing the girls, Colin then proceeded to introduce us to his new group, "the Surfriders" (some of whom looked distinctly familiar) and then surprised us further with a couple of cracking surf instrumentals Surf Rider and Ram-Buk-Shush.If you closed your eyes you could almost hear the coal tubs emptying on the beach at Blackhall Rocks.It was quite a night for instrumentals.In addition to Colin, we had AlanL's usual impeccable performance on the Shadows' hits Wonderful Land and The Savage, and Dave Hodges, Stray Dogs lead guitarist, gave such a brilliant version of Santana's Samba Pa Ti that we have had no alternative but to withdraw his membership until further notice.Hmphh!! We'll teach him - Young Upstart.

Another welcome new face was Sheena. She came along with Mel (he, of the two beautiful daughters from last month fame) and they introduced a bit of class into the evening with a unique vocal rendition of "Besame Mucho" - probably better known in the early Sixties as a Jet Harris instrumental - followed by Clapton's Wonderful Tonight.Alan Wakes and the guys version of the Honeybus hit " I Can't let Maggie Go" even boasted an oboe solo brilliantly supplied by the synth of Colin the Orchestra.We even had a birthday girl present.
It was Kay's birthday and she said she would like to sing with a live group, so Jim and the lads put one together for her. Not only did she get her wish but she did a cracking job to boot. Well done Kay.
In a brief report such as this, I have concentrated on introducing our new friends, but grateful thanks must also go to all of our regular band (pun intended) of backing and featured artists who turn up month after month to make the evening the success it is.I won't mention everyone by name but you all know who you are and how much your efforts are appreciated.

Pics of the night will be added hereand Video clips here as time permits.

Thanks again guys and gals - I'm already looking forward to next month.and don't forget "B there or B Square"